A Division of the Pinnacle Group of Companies

For over three decades, Pinnacle Group's Ownership Team has focussed on custom-tailored Whole Home Renovations and Estate Home Build Projects. Our inspiration is deeply rooted in the concept of Creating Homes For Life™; Pinnacle's progressive systems and processes ensure every Client Family we service has their unique DNA infused into the design of their home; a design that will support every family members' needs throughout life's transitional milestones.

Over the years, we have frequently been asked by Clients to assist them with specialized projects such as room-specific remodeling, one-off aesthetic improvements, custom built-ins, and home maintenance; until now, we have referred these requests on to others. We are proud to say that under the flagship Pinnacle Group Brand, backed by our stable leadership and award winning business practices, we have created our new HomesForLife™ marque that will allow us to service our Clients' entire home needs. This brings our ideology full circle; not only do we Design & Build homes for life, we can service and maintain your home for a lifetime of living! HomesForLife™ provides professional and comprehensive home solutions for your specialized renovation projects and home improvement needs.

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What You Can Expect From HomesForLife™

HomesForLife™ is founded on the simple principle of servicing Clients looking to complete specialized, room-specific renovations and home improvement projects; while providing you with the superior Design-Build customer experience that has garnered Pinnacle Group its outstanding reputation. Having been awarded the prestigious BBB Ethics Award and achieving a 3rd Party customer referral score of over 95% provides further peace of mind for your home investment.

The HomesForLife™ Special Project and Service Team will: 

  • Provide you, the homeowner, with a trusted and reliable partner for maintaining and enhancing the value of your entire home and grounds.

  • Assist you in identifying short and long-term requirements for specialized remodeling projects and area-specific aesthetic enhancements, both on the interior and exterior of your home.

  • Develop a comprehensive plan and schedule which will systematically take care of both these short and long-term needs.

  • Eliminate your concerns about scheduling projects, finding reliable professionals to perform tasks, wondering if the work will be done correctly, and in a timely manner.

  • Provide you with the worry-free and hassle-free convenience of having a single point of contact; this ensures every service and build requirement for your family can be reliably taken care of by the Pinnacle Group of Companies, so you can enjoy your home for a lifetime of living.

Comprehensive Programs

HomesForLife™ service offerings consist of 3 comprehensive programs –
MYSpecialProjects™, MYHomeConcierge™, and MYLifetimeHome™.